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A huge amount of heat is lost through the walls of houses and apartments – more goes away only through the roof and ventilation. To avoid heat loss and maintain a comfortable temperature at home, you can buy facade thermal panels on our website. In addition to saving on heating, their advantage is the ease of installation and the finished stylish finish.

Thermal panel price

What are our facade thermal panels

The basis of “Termodom” panels is an insulating foam layer that already has fasteners and does not require additional cladding. Clinker tiles, porcelain stoneware, limestone or hydropressed shell rock are pasted over the thermopanel workpiece. This finish is much more durable and looks nobler than a “fur coat”, “bark beetle”, “wet facade”, marble chips or concrete cover. Insulation of the walls of the house with facade thermal panels provides heat inside the house and imitation of ideal brick or masonry outside.

To assure you of quality, we’ll tell you a little more about the materials that are used in creating insulation from “Termodom”.

What are the advantages of facade thermal panels from “Termodom”?

Thermal insulation of house walls with facade thermal panels

You can either purchase and install panels yourself, or order turnkey installation from our specialists – this is an additional advantage. Although the process of laying plates is greatly simplified, since no finishing is required, professionals will cope with it faster and better.

We work across the country: from Kharkov and Mariupol to Lutsk and Lviv.

Our company has insulated more than 1000 buildings in different cities of Ukraine, and these are hundreds of satisfied customers who are ready to recommend us. And this is the main indicator of our level.

Porcelain tile. Brand Name: Brick Style. Tiles: Baker Street Beige

Clinker. Brand Name: CERRAD. Tiles: Cerrad Piaskowa (sand) and Cerrad Wisniowa (cherry glaze)

LOFT. Brand Name: CERRAD. Tile: Cerrad Loft Masala

Clinker. Brand Name: PARADYZ. Tiles: Natural Brown and Cloud Brown

If your house or apartment needs to be insulated, we will help you choose the facade thermal panels of optimal thickness and design. And also we will perform warming as soon as possible so that you will not be afraid of any cold.

Important properties of thermal panels

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