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High quality and durability of thermal panels

Each owner of the house expects that the insulation will last for many years, paying off the money invested in it. And Termodom thermal panels provide an excellent example of durability: the estimated life of our warm facade system without repairs is 50 years. At the same time, products are guaranteed for a period of 25 years, and clinker tiles – 50 years.

About the quality of thermal panels

We are not afraid to take such a long warranty, because we fully control the process of manufacturing thermal panels.

In the videos published on our youtube channel , you can see for yourself the strength of fastening clinker tiles, as well as evaluate the burning test. As stated in our documents, thermal panels can only melt upon contact with fire, but do not support combustion and are self-extinguishing. And in the section of certificates you can find official research protocols and documents on compliance with standards and norms.

All this provides a reduction in heat loss up to 70% and a long service life, confirmed by a guarantee.

Comparison with the quality and durability of other heaters

High quality and durability of thermal panels by Termodom heater service life comparison

Polystyrene foam has a conditionally determined period of operation as a heater in the region of 100 years. This is possible if it is properly protected from ultraviolet radiation and mechanical stress. But the service life of the main alternative to thermal panels from the faculty – “wet facade” – according to experts, is up to 25 years. At the same time, it is repeatedly reduced by improperly selected materials in terms of quality and compatibility, violation of installation technology, work execution time, as well as sharp fluctuations in temperature and humidity. And all because of a less durable finish.

Extruded polystyrene foam can also be used for decades, but the protective finish in the form of plaster mixtures is designed for 10-25 years of use. Moreover, due to the properties of the material and improper installation, such facades sometimes swell and exfoliate in the second year after insulation works.

Mineral wool, in theory, can last 35 years, but in practice, trash is found on the walls uncovered after a dozen years. Artificial fiber insulators become unusable faster than expanded polystyrene, and in humid conditions they may require replacement within a few years.

Basalt cotton wool is able to last about 50 years, as a denser material with a low organic content. It really lasts longer than glass wool, but in reality it also damps in 10-15 years, since vapor barriers and protective films are destroyed quite quickly.

Polyurethane foam, under ideal conditions, can also stand for half a century. However, accelerated aging tests show about 20 years of operation, and with poor material protection, the term is halved.

It turns out that absolutely all heaters have a short life with insufficient protection from external manifestations. And at thermal panels , the situation with protection is the best, because the insulation is covered with durable clinker tiles.

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