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Houses insulated with thermal panels "Termodom"

Dibrovo (Cerrad Sand, Braz)

Dibrovo. Dnepropetrovsk region. Thermal panels with facade tiles Cerrad sand (facade) and braz (corners).

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Mariupol (London smoke)

Insulation of the house with a thermal panel “TERMODOM” with ceramic granite tiles brickstyle “london smoke” and “baker street beige”

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Zheleznyy Port (paradуz natural braun)

Zheleznyy Port. Kherson region Thermal panels Termodom with clinker tiles paradyz natural brown and cerrad braz

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Sarny (brikstyle white)

Sarny. Thermal panels Brikstyle white and strand brown

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Odessa (Westminster)

Ukraine. Odessa. Thermal panel “Termodom” with porcelain stoneware facade tiles “Westminster”

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Dnipro. Podgorodnee

A house insulated with “Termodom” thermal panels with “Baker Street beige” porcelain tiles of the “BRICK STYLE” series of “Golden Tile” trademark

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Kiev. Ukraine

Kiev thermal panels with facade porcelain stoneware tiles baker street beige golden tile

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