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installation of thermal panels

Thermal panels save up to 70% of “runaway” heat, reduce heating costs by almost half, and stylishly decorate the house. But these are not the only advantages of our products. Insulation of walls with facade thermal panels with clinker tiles is much more profitable and simpler than insulation with ordinary polystyrene foam. You can order a turnkey installation from us, or buy thermal panels and install them yourself. To do this, we will tell you more about the features and installation procedure of thermal panels.

What is the difference between the installation of our thermal panels?

How to do it the old fashioned way: they buy bare polystyrene foam, fix the sheets to the wall and perform the decoration. First, it is a leveling, and then decorative plaster mixture, which is often applied in the form of a “fur coat” or “bark beetle”. But the traditional method has drawbacks: it is a complex and long-playing process that requires specialist hands for a high-quality finish. Yes, and the coating is not the most durable and weather-resistant: over time, the finish cracks and fades.

A more modern way of installing thermal panels, which is used by TERMODOM, gives you a number of advantages:

  • insulating thermal panels are clearly shaped and fold like a puzzle, and are also sold with integrated wall plugs, umbrellas, which simplifies the installation process;
  • clinker has already been glued to the blank of the thermal panel – only fine joints need to be grouted from the finish;
  • thanks to these features, the landlord can complete the entire process of installing thermal panels on their own;
  • panels are installed in any weather and on any surface, including concrete, limestone and wood, as well as old and weak walls;
  • as a result, you get warmth in the house plus even “brickwork” of the color and design you want – it is durable and resistant to any precipitation and temperature.

The ease of installation of our decorative thermal panels and the result of work surpass all possible methods of wall insulation that are on the market.

Stages of installation of facade thermal panels. Features

To fix the thermal panels on the facade, you do not need special skills and professional tools. The required set is limited to the grinder, level, puncher and screwdriver, as well as a soft trowel for grouting. From materials, pre-purchase mounting foam, dowels, screws and frost-resistant grout. On this, the preparation is over – you can proceed with the installation of thermal panels.

Stage # 1: Markup

Using the level mark the horizon line around the perimeter of the building. The wall can be littered forward or backward, so right away you need to check the diagonals and eliminate the discrepancies. This can be done with a gasket made of hard, moisture-resistant material. For greater accuracy, vertical beacons are installed at the end of the marking.

Stage # 2: Base profile and installation of thermal panels

A profile is mounted along the perimeter of the base just above the ground, and thermal panels begin to be attached along it from left to right. At the same time, all the seams between the thermal panels must be blown with a mounting foam. The same is done when installing thermal panels in the following rows. When the bottom row is ready, the gap between the basement profile and the wall will also need to be filled with foam so that air does not flow there.

Stage # 3: Grouting

After completing the installation of thermal panels, you can immediately proceed to the finish – grouting the joints with a frost-resistant composition for facade work. Unlike the previous steps, this is the only step that requires a plus temperature. Therefore, if it’s minus on the street, it’s worthwhile to wait until warming with grouting.

What is the benefit for the buyer?

Our company uses clinker tiles of European brands made of clay (clinker), porcelain stoneware and limestone, as well as our own foam density 35 with additives to protect against rodents. At the same time, the price of thermal panels remains at the level of prices of competitors producing insulation from extruded polystyrene foam with weaker insulation and operational properties.

High-quality insulation from the company “Termodom” will serve you more efficiently and longer. Therefore, whether you decide to insulate the walls yourself or order the installation of thermal panels from our specialists, you save.

Our team will help you choose the design of thermal panels that will satisfy your taste, advise on the intricacies of installing thermal panels or, if you wish, install insulation in the shortest possible time.

Contact TERMODOM to make your house or apartment even warmer and more comfortable!

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